ITAC 2017

Presentations that have been provided permission to be shared with ITAC attendees are now available via links in the program. Please click here to view.

About ITAC

The ITAC 2017 organising committee invites you to participate at the Information Technology in Aged Care Conference to be held 21 & 22 November 2017 at the Gold Coast Convention & Exhibition Centre.

The theme of the conference, ITAC – Navigating the Future emphasises the importance of information technology in establishing a sustainable, quality focused aged care environment. The conference will bring together local and international experts across the fields of community care, medication management, assistive technologies and offsite information systems delivery. These critical aged care topics will be discussed from a practical perspective, highlighting the information we need to know now to better manage and design aged care service delivery which will deliver on the evolving environment of enhanced consumer choice.

ITAC Theme

The internet as we know it is thirty years old. The smartphone is approaching ten years of age. With technological evolution moving this rapidly the question for many is how to ensure our decisions today do not become barriers to agility and change tomorrow. Navigating the Future will therefore be as important as business as usual.

ITAC 2017 will provide key content and opportunities for individuals and organisations with an interest in the aged care sector. National experts will present on a range of topics related to the conference theme.

Presentations will also focus on the broad business and strategic issues facing an industry dealing with multiple challenges in an environment of substantial reform.

The ITAC 2017 theme ITAC – Navigating the Future incorporates the following information streams: 
  • Researching the Future 
  • The Future of Assistive Technologies 
  • Navigating the MyHealthRecord Integration 
  • Navigating the Future Workforce  
  • Consumer Choice – is technology a key to the future?  
  • Navigating Clinical Service Delivery  
  • Future I.T Governance  
  • Social Media in the Future  
  • Navigating I.T Fraud  
  • Internet of Things in the Future  
  • How to Navigate Big Data