ITAC 2018


 Arron Wood, MC

Arron Wood is a leading sustainable business expert and a Telstra News Limited Micro-Business Award winner. He was appointed by Lord Mayor Robert Doyle to the high level Enterprise Melbourne Advisory Board to attract sustainable investment to Melbourne, won the 2007 Melbourne Business Award for Contribution to the Environment and was also the 2001 Young Australian of the Year (National Environment Winner). He is the weekly environment reporter on radio 3AW, Melbourne's number one talkback station, and the author of his fascinating autobiography Billabong Boy.He is currently the founder and Managing Director of Firestarter Pty Ltd, an environmental communication and education consultancy business, working through behavioral change management, major event organisation, project management, education campaigns and innovative company promotion methods aimed at better linking the corporate sector with community and government. He also initiated and now runs the highly successful Kids Teaching Kids Program for students from around the world. Named on WME Magazine's 2012 Leaders List and The Weekend Australian Magazine's top ten education leaders nationally in 2009, he is also the youngest Governor of University College at the University of Melbourne.




Peter WilliamsChief Executive Officer, Deloitte Centre for the Edge 

Pete Williams is the Chief Edge Officer of Deloitte Centre for the Edge and before that founder of Deloitte Digital. Pete has been leading the way in digital innovation since the early 1990s and has been a key architect of Deloitte Australia's innovation activities for many years. Pete also works with a number of startups and not-for-profits so understand both small and large organisations. He is co-founder of genealogy startup, an Adjunct Professor at RMIT and a keen lawn bowler.

 Stevan PremuticoFounder, me&u

Stevan is one of Australia’s leading tech entrepreneurs. In 1997, in the middle of the GFC he conceptualised Dimmi on the back of a napkin and went on to revolutionise the Aussie restaurant industry. In 2015, his startup was acquired by one of the great tech businesses of our time, TripAdvisor.
On the tin, Dimmi is the perfect text book start-up story - started in a garage, ran out of money, took on the big Goliath, won the battle, sold to a tech darling. But the true story is one of grit, passion and a true entrepreneurial spirit to make a dent in the world. 
Stevan’s inspiring story is a raw & honest insight into the life of a start-up, how a small team can achieve remarkable things, how to crystalise your purpose, how to take on the big boys and win, how to embrace innovation & disruption and how to an inspired culture can make anything possible. He is an entrepreneur, a passionate tech investor, sits on the board of a couple of disruptive Aussie start-ups and strongly believes that the world (and our businesses) would be in a better place if we all acted a bit more like founders and a bit less like CEO’s.
He believes that life's short and that we should do stuff that we love and stuff that makes a difference.

 Professor Karen Reynolds, Director, Medical Device Research Institute and Medical Device Partnering Program

Professor Karen Reynolds is Director of the Medical Device Research Institute (MDRI) and the Medical Device Partnering Program (MDPP) as well as Dean (Research) of the College of Science and Engineering at Flinders University. Bridging the divide between research and industry, Karen is considered as one of Australia’s leading researchers in biomedical engineering and has been recognised for her outstanding contributions, awarded Engineers Australia David Dewhurst award in 2016, South Australian Scientist of the Year 2012, elected Fellow of the Australian Academy of Technological Sciences (2011), and awarded Australian Professional Engineer of the Year (2010).

 Adrian Schauer, Chief Executive Officer and Founder, AlayaCare 

Adrian Schauer is the founder and CEO of AlayaCare, a healthtech start-up serving the home healthcare market and looking to deliver the next disruptive solution for the industry by combining remote patient monitoring, clinical documentation and back office software. Adrian is a serial technology entrepreneur having built two successful mobile software companies; both achieving leadership positions in their respective markets before being acquired. Adrian is also an active Angel Investor and sits on the boards of several companies including fast growing technology firms like the point-of-care medical device company Chipcare, the SaaS company TrackTik, and the GRC software provider Resolver. Adrian is also the co-founder of the Madiro Fund, an organization created to support innovative solutions to the health problems in low income countries.

 Andrew Scott, Head of Technology, Chief Technology Office & Innovation | Technology Innovation and Strategy | Telstra Corporation 

Andrew is the Head of Technology within Telstra’s Chief Technology Office, and has been deeply involved in the telecommunications industry for over twenty years. His team consists of deep subject matter experts covering technology areas that have the potential to make significant impacts into our industry, including across 5G, IoT, cybersecurity, augmented reality, drones, and AI. The team works to bring world class technologies into Telstra sooner and show thought leadership to the wider Telstra and our customers.

 Richard Vaughn, General Manager, Zipform

Richard has been in the IT industry for over 20 years and has an in depth knowledge in proving digital solutions in a range of different industry sectors. He has had consultancy roles in the UK, Europe, APAC and now based in Perth WA as General Manager of Zipform Digital. A transformational leader, change agent, solution provider, rugby union tragic and at heart a technology geek!

 Benjamin Galea, Group Marketing Manager and Daniel Pettman, Chief Information Officer, BaptistCare 

Ben Galea has worked with BaptistCare for 10 years and overseen for the last 4 years the organisation's Marketing & Communications team driving a customer-oriented and brand-centric culture.